Our Services

The Boltz Pain and Wellness Center is dedicated to helping you get back into life by providing you with individualized treatment plans designed to eliminate or minimize chronic pain. We use conventional medical procedures* and drug therapies as well as complementary approaches such as massage and physical therapy to achieve this goal. Some of the more common medical procedures provided in our office are:

  • Lumbar and Caudal Transforaminal Epidurals
  • Cervical and Thoracic Epidurals
  • Occipital Injection
  • Facet Block / Sacro-Iliac Injection / Trigger Point Injection
  • Knee / Shoulder / Elbow Injection
  • Selective Nerve Root Block
  • Sacro Iliac Joint Blocks
  • Peripheral Nerve Blocks
  • Sympathetic Blocks

A * procedure is a course of action taken through epidurals or injections intended to achieve relief from pain in point specific areas.

Through Fluoroscopy, an imaging technique, we are able to capture real-time moving images of the internal structure of our patients. This tool allows Dr. Boltz the capability to visualize the exact placement of a needle during a procedure in turn optimizing your results. Call our office today and schedule your appointment.